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No New Posts Welcome to Lanorae

New to the Lanorae region? Feel free to make a post here and introduce yourself to the other members! It's a good opportunity to get yourself known and find others with similar interests, but please don't put down anymore info about yourself than you're comfortable with.

17 111 HAY Y'ALL
by ♥.:.RizuChan.:.♥
Aug 4, 2010 2:44:35 GMT -5

The Lanorae codex is the ultimate source of recommended and required reading for guests and members alike. Here is where all rules are posted as well as in-depth guides concerning occupation options, our breeding system, and other things. In addition, this is where all information on the region can be found, including lore, biographies on various npc characters, and more. Any updates made here will normally be announced so that everyone is fully aware of them and, of course, if at any point in time you feel confused or have a question, feel free to pm one of the staff members. We're here to help after all!

Sub-boards: Rules and Information, Guides and Articles, People of Lanorae, Lanorae Archives

15 23 I. THE RULES
by Administrator
Apr 3, 2010 9:06:15 GMT -5

All major updates concerning things like plots, large changes to the site, important member polls, and likewise will be found here. In addition, this board also hosts the Lanorae Times, a newsletter that generally features updates from the in-character side of Lanorae as well as member submissions.

Lanorae Times News Archive


by Carni
Aug 13, 2010 4:57:44 GMT -5
No New Posts SUPPORT

If you have a general question you need answered, here is where you can post it and a member who can answer it will respond as soon as they are able. In addition, there is also a separate board available for any glitches or bugs you may find around the site. It should be noted that both of these boards are guest enabled.

Sub-board: Glitches & Bugs

8 52 Newperson-like question
by Miss Brightside
Aug 1, 2010 22:13:11 GMT -5

If you have a suggestion or idea for how Lanorae's run, or a new feature to add to the site, here is where you may post it. All suggestions are reviewed by at least one staff member, so even if it's not accepted we'll let you know. Of course, even if you see something may have been rejected, if you have a new take on it feel free to suggest it again. In addition, this board is guest enabled.

4 54 Account-per-character, Omega Syndicate & jobs
by Miss Brightside
Aug 15, 2010 12:00:45 GMT -5

If you wish to advertise your website or affiliate with Lanorae here is the place to do it. Please make sure to use common courtesy when posting here and post in the correct board, it's just easier on us that way. And remember, if you advertise, make sure your site has a place where we can advertise in return! Of course, all boards here are guest enabled.


127 149 Pledge: An AU Pokemon RP
by Oniwanbashu
Jun 6, 2018 1:05:50 GMT -5


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No New Posts Absences

Not going to be able to get on Lanorae for a while due to real life reasons? Found that you're ready to move on and leave the Lanorae community? Please post here so we know!

4 8 Bleah
by ♥.:.RizuChan.:.♥
Aug 31, 2010 10:39:43 GMT -5
No New Posts General Board

The general board is where most ― if not all ― out of character chats can be placed. Make sure you stop in and give a quick look! After all, chatting is the best way to meet people around here! However, if you see another board that is better suited for your subject, like putting artwork in the art board, then please do so!

by Affectionate Zombie
Sept 12, 2010 10:41:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Art Corner

Almost everyone has a slight artistic touch, and even if you don't that's plenty of excuse to gain one! Feel free to post whatever artwork, writing, spriting, ect. you want here for feedback or just for general comments. Just make sure you keep everything under a PG-13 rating.

22 196 Avara/Ninja Paladin's Stuff
by yopyun
May 30, 2010 23:04:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Contests and Promotions

Here is where all contests will be hosted, be it a spriting contest or something completely new or different! You do get rewarded if you win, so make sure you enter as much as possible! After all, who wouldn't love extra money, items, and perhaps even Pokemon? Promotions, or giveaways, are also posted here, an even better excuse for walking away with free things, right?

Sub-board: Member of the Month

1 9 October 2009: Andi.
Oct 19, 2009 18:22:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff Room

Here is where the staff of Lanorae come to discuss new events, features, and other things that could affect the site on a large scale. Only the staff have access to it, though of course, this is so everything that comes to our members is a complete surprise.

18 128
No New Posts Lanorae TCG

Sub-board: TCG Planning

11 52 Reffing Logs
by Spiderc
Jul 31, 2010 0:11:27 GMT -5

Character Directory

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Here is where you may post your character to be reviewed by a staff member. If everything is deemed acceptable, it will then be accepted and moved to the appropriate sub-board in the accepted profiles board. Please note that you may not roleplay your character until after they've been accepted, as we need to ensure everything follows the regulations we have in place.

15 31 Smith. Coral
by eeyore88
Nov 7, 2010 7:56:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Accepted Profiles

Once your character has been accepted, they will be moved to the appropriate sub-board located within this board. The board they will be moved to is dependent on their primary occupation, meaning that even if your character happens to multi-class they will still be found under their primary. Remember that so you don't lose track of where they can be found!

Sub-boards: Trainers, Coordinators, Breeders, Rangers, Omega Syndicate

55 148
No New Posts Personal Computers

While computers are by no means common in the Lanorae region, and particularly advanced ones are nonexistant, there is still a Pokemon storage system available to some extent. Here is where you may keep track of the Pokemon, items, and whatever other accomplishments your character has made. Of course, you have the option of either using this board or simply keeping this information with your profile, though it's recommended to make use of separate PC threads. After all, you never know when an accidental slip-up while making a change may result in a deleted profile.

36 131 [P.C.] Rizu Haruko [Storage]
by ♥.:.RizuChan.:.♥
Aug 4, 2010 15:00:44 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Extras

There's really a lot more you can do to express and develop your characters. While the boards located here are optional, they allow for ways to really round off that character you just created. Extra things to do with characters may be added here at any time and, of course, we always take suggestions for new boards. Just try to keep everything more-or-less up to date if you can!

Sub-boards: Character Journals, Plotting, Pokémon Profiles

by Affectionate Zombie
Aug 9, 2010 11:49:51 GMT -5
No New Posts Thread Directory

If you have an open thread you want another member to post in, or a thread that needs an encounter modded, here is where you may post a thread with a link to it and a description as to what's needed. Please remember that only post one thread per thread that you need someone for, that way your thread here can be deleted once your request has been filled and everything remains neat and organized that way. This is probably the only board where something like that is permitted, to take advantage of it!

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The Lanorae Region

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No New Posts Konika Village

Konika Village is one of the smallest towns in the Lanorae region, but it is also one of the most well-known. Home to the laboratory of Professor Aspen and her aides, Konika Village is considered to be one of the centers for Pokémon research as well as one of the more popular locations for trainers who wish to take on one of the regional "starter" Pokémon as their own. While the resident harbour isn't the largest in the region, it is nevertheless one of the busiest thanks to the constant stream of people from other regions, which gives an uncharacteristic air to the normally calm and relaxed atmosphere for the village.

Sub-boards: Konika Village Laboratory, The Miller's Abode, Konika Shore

20 133 /NEW ~ not exactly wonderful\
by ~Birdybot~
Aug 6, 2010 13:45:38 GMT -5
No New Posts Route One - High Prairie

A lush field of high grasses makes up route one. The cool breezes of the nearby sea can still be felt as you make your way along the dirt trails, and the grasses are always in a symphony of rustling melody. Many normal Pokémon can be found here, along with other aspiring trainers that you may have the chance to battle, at least if you manage to find someone else that's taking your path through the vast meadow. Generally this is the first stop for many that choose a starter from Konika Village as it's the most straight-forward path to the following cities and also provides numerous opportunities for easy training, though there are always people that go against the normal expectations.

7 81 · like the blue in the SKY - - - -
Jun 13, 2010 18:32:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Purity Valley

While not quite as small as Konika Village, Purity Valley is still a humble little town that is bordered by high hills and the Mistwood Forest in the distance. It is what would be described as a quaint Victorian settlement, with simple homes that are situated side by side, and beautiful plants and trees growing in arranged patterns. The power for the town is largely supplied by the windmills that are positioned close to it, and this town is also well known for its association with flying, which is brought on by the resident gym leader, Angela.

Sub-boards: The Purity Valley Hanger, The Pokémon Centre

by Administrator
Nov 29, 2009 19:58:00 GMT -5
No New Posts Mistwood Forest

A once beautiful and tranquil forest, Mistwood has since changed to the murky expanse of gnarled trees most of this generation are familiar with. It was once called Autumngreene, however, when the mysterious mists began to envelope the dark trees and mysterious disappearances became more and more frequent the name was changed. A warning has been placed at its entrance and inside the supposed 'source' of the mysterious mists rest, a large lake which is found at the very center. Perhaps you will be the one to unlock the mystery behind Mistwood's change?

Sub-boards: Lake of Souls, Forgotten Mansion

3 5 Mistwood Forest
by Administrator
Nov 30, 2009 0:57:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Elnthim City

Elnthim City is one of the largest and most industrialized cities in the Lanorae region. The homes here more like apartments and placed close together to a point where very little natural grasses really have a chance to grow. The streets are generally filled with steam-powered vehicles and large masses of people, and its very easy to get lost amongst the turmoil. The buildings located near Mistwood Forest are, curiously enough, quite often rundown and boarded up, and it makes a gradual transition into the industrial district where factories are always hard at work. Unfortunately, the mass industrialization of the city means that smog and smoke are quite common, and as a result the city tends to look rather dreary.

Sub-board: The Sewers

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No New Posts Route Two - Ashen Pass

The industrial nature of the nearby Elnthim City has had an obvious effect on the nearby route of ashen pass. While it was once an expanse of grassland and trees, pollution from the city has poisoned it over the years. The route has since become a charred wasteland as fires caught hold of the dying grasses, and many of the original Pokemon have since left. Instead, fire and poison types have made this devastated area their home.

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found on Route Two ;;
by Administrator
May 2, 2008 15:37:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Magolia Town

Magolia Town has been a town of constant protest to the ravaged route that leads to it. While the ashen pass is a barren plain of death, Magolia is a sight of beautiful flowers and fragrances. At the head of the appeal is Coleen, the resident gym leader, who's utmost passion is that of gardening. The town overall is fairly welcoming, at least most who dwell there are. There are some people who don't take kindly to people who blemish their plants, even if it's just an accidental step.

Sub-board: The Greenhouse

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found in the Greenhouse ;;
by Administrator
May 1, 2008 0:03:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Route Three - Wildflower Plains

Similar to its supposed sister route, High Prairie, Wildflower Plains is a large expanse of rolling hills with very few trees in sight. Wildflowers cover almost ever inch of the area and, in the distance, a small farmhouse is visible. It belongs to the Winthrows, a rather well known and friendly family of farmers. Most people welcome their arrival to this route, not only because it's beautiful, but also because the air is marvelously clean and fresh, unlike the previous route of Ashen Pass.

Sub-board: Winthrow Farmhouse

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found on Route Two ;;
by Administrator
Apr 16, 2008 21:44:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Oakwood Grove

Oakwood Grove is another fairly small town. Like Konika Village it is a popular location for the elderly to move to to live out the rest of their days in retirement, though it's not nearly as busy as Konika tends to be. Most of the town is heavily shaded by the canopies of large oak trees, with the largest of them all located in the center of town, which are what the area's named for. It's really a beautiful location for trainers to just sit back and relax, though this natural beauty is also what inspired many to construct a contest hall in the last decade or so. Beyond the town the path splits, and trainers must choose to either go through the Cave of Shiloh or take the Oceanside Road.

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No New Posts Route Four - Oceanside Road

Oceanside Road consists of a well-worn path winding along the edge of the sea. This is a popular stop because of the warm sun and the gentle waves that normally lap against the shore, and people can normally be seen swimming in the warm waters. This is believed to be the home of the rare Pokemon, Lapras, and a fishing dock extends off the path for those that wish to try their hand at the sport.

Sub-board: Fishing Dock

2 2 ;; Pokemon Found off the Fishing Dock ;;
by Administrator
May 4, 2008 2:20:43 GMT -5
No New Posts cave of shiloh

    The Cave of Shiloh certainly has an interesting origin, as it was the only landmark of Lanorae that the original founder of the region, Kiel Shiloh, actually named after himself. Why he chose such a dark place to name after himself is unknown, however, perhaps it was because of the elemental stone mines that lay deep within?

Sub-board: elemental mines

1 2 welcome to the cave of shiloh
by Administrator
Oct 18, 2009 6:00:07 GMT -5
No New Posts Thriftone City

Thriftone City is the largest port town in the region, even hosting its own gym in addition to its large harbour. Most of the buildings seem to be of a much larger, skyscraper category, and the Geographic History Museum that is situated here is also the base to the resident Valence Mining Corporation. The gym leader, Marius, is a master of water element Pokemon and has been known to put on shows in the streets of Thriftone to help fund charities in the Lanorae region. another popular aspect seems to be the contests that take place here as well, making it a popular location for coordinators.

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No New Posts Route Five - Deepsea Path

There are two possible ways to navigate the expanse of deep ocean, the first of which being considered the easier. You can either take a ship from Thriftone City, provided you have a boarding pass, or can sail across the water on the back of a Pokemon with the HM Surf. Either way, you can be sure you'll find challenges along the route.

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found on Route Five ;;
by Administrator
May 4, 2008 13:27:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Port Town

Port Town is quite possibly the least technologically advanced town in the Lanorae region. Still a victim of pirate attacks, and lacking in electricity, it is actually quite a dangerous spot to stay for too long. Even the Pokemon Center doesn't have the technology that most have, the nurses that work there having to resort to older methods of healing, such as herbs. However, their docks are, strangely enough, made for the more advanced ships of Thriftone City and other towns to dock in, accompanied by the wooden sail ships of their own town.

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No New Posts Route Six - Lua Lake

Lua Lake is a rather tropical area, the shores decorated by exotic trees of many types, and the same goes for the Pokemon that are found here. Across the glittering surface on the far shore rests ancient monuments and temples, their origins and legends long forgotten. However, they do seem to be a popular spot for treasure hunters.

Sub-board: Ancient Ruins

2 2 ;; Pokemon Found in the Ancient Ruins ;;
by Administrator
May 8, 2008 22:32:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Rashin Village

Though considerably more advanced than the previous town of Port Town, Rashin Village is still rather dependent on older technology. They cannot tap into the region-wide power supply and, therefore, have their own source of energy in the form of a large watermill located in the nearby Rashin River. If you manage to beat the gym leader, Shar, he will present you with the Thunderstom badge and, like previous leaders, a few gifts of his choosing. From the outskirts of Rashin Village, you can either pursue the river it's named for, the Rashin River, or brave the overgrown expanses of the Reinic Forest.

Leader: Marx
Specialty: Electricity
Badge: Thunderstorm Badge

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No New Posts Route Seven - Rashin River

It truly takes an expert hand to control a raft down the swift, white water expanses of Rashin River. Fortunately, rocky ledges border the unforgiving turmoil, allowing a slightly safer passage through the route. Surprisingly enough, many Pokemon have found this route to be a favorable home, despite the dangers the swift moving waters hold.

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found on Route Seven ;;
by Administrator
May 8, 2008 22:42:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Reinic Forest

Perhaps better named the Reinic 'Rainforest', the Reinic Forest in a rather large expanse of overgrown foliage that is considered rather hard to find a path through. Indeed, many people have attempted to pave a path, however, the forest seems to just grow over it, at rather alarming speed. Perhaps this has something to do with the legends of a large avian that is said to make this forest it's home.

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found in Reinic Forest ;;
by Administrator
May 10, 2008 8:35:20 GMT -5
No New Posts Rampage Bay

A rather beautiful seaside location, Rampage Bay, however, does have its unique oddities. For some reason, it seems that the houses located here are situated on raised foundations that require stairs to allow you entrance to the buildings. Quite the curious thing.

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No New Posts Route Eight - Sea of Currents

A rather treacherous path if you don't know how to navigate the swiftly changing currents and fearsome whirlpools of this route, the Sea of Currents is, nevertheless, a sanctuary for numerous strong water type Pokemon. Large creatures such as Wailmer are a rather common sight in the area, however, as are large predators such as Sharpedo.

3 3 into the ABYSS: tablet two.
by Administrator
Sept 13, 2009 7:06:35 GMT -5
No New Posts Abyss Island

Abyss Island is believed to be a small section of land that has since broken away from the main island of Raesina over the last few thousand years. Since its separation, numerous caverns have formed beneath its surface, creating an expansive maze that few, even the citizens of the island, dare to attempt.

Sub-board: Benthic Caverns

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found in Benthic Caverns ;;
by Administrator
May 16, 2008 7:03:31 GMT -5
No New Posts Route Nine - Lune Lagoon

The welcome beginning that symbolizes your return to the Lanorae mainland; Lune Lagoon is a large, open bay that borders Dark City, and is well-known for its supposed connection with the moon. Some say different images can be seen glowing on its surface during solar eclipses, as the water actually caught the moonlight within its depths.

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found on Route Nine ;;
by Administrator
May 16, 2008 7:05:20 GMT -5
No New Posts Darkhaven

A solemn and extremely removed town, not many of the residents of Darkhaven are overly welcome to outsiders. Whispers of superstition and foul play are common among the dark streets, and only the dimmest sunlight seems to be able to pierce through the leaves of the trees that overhang the city. The houses here are small and sparce, their interiors normally dim. It's a dark place indeed.

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No New Posts Route Ten - Haunted Downs

The large, hilly expanses of the Haunted Downs is quite a dramatic change from the tree embraced streets of Dark City. Tombstones rise in uneven intervals throughout the route, and ghosts are said to patrol the dark shadows of the downs, waiting for those unexpecting enough to stray to far from the path. Hidden amongst the tombstones lies a hidden tower, one that some believe contains the tortured souls of the living. After all, howls are said to radiate from its interior.

Sub-board: Howling Tower

2 2 ;; Pokemon Found on Route Ten ;;
by Administrator
May 18, 2008 13:47:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Odyssey Peak

Rising from low-lying mounds or earth that make up the Haunted Downs is a small mountain, which is believed to be a long-known refuge for those with spiritual power. Many decades ago, a small village was built around the peak of the mountain, and slowly prospered over the years. However, the reasoning why people wished to move to such a forboding place, even enough to build a gym, is quite unknown.

Leader: Orpheus
Specialty: Ghost/Dark/Psychic
Badge: Seeingeye Badge

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No New Posts Eternal Forest

Despite the steadily growing heat that makes most plant-life beyond Odyssey Peak unable to grow, the Eternal Forest still flourishes year round. The lush, green leaves never fall, even during the autumn months as it's believed an ancient guardian makes this forest its home and allowed the foliage to prosper. The Eternal Forest is one of the two paths to the Peak of Rebirth.

Sub-board: Healer's Home

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found in Eternal Forest ;;
by Administrator
May 31, 2008 7:21:52 GMT -5
No New Posts Route Eleven - Dying Pass

The second of the two paths that lead from Odyssey Peak, Dying Pass clearly displays the effects the increasing heat has on the surrounding environment. Only the sparsest grasses grow in the hardened lava that once flowed through the area many years ago, and this path has since become a haven for fire types.

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found on Route Eleven ;;
by Administrator
Jun 1, 2008 11:43:08 GMT -5
No New Posts Peak of Rebirth

Past both routes of the Eternal Forest and Dying Pass, another mountain rises high into the air. Once an active volcano, this peak has long since fell into a deep slumber, allowing a civilization to be built upon it. The people that have chosen to live amongst the fiery air place much faith in bird of rebirth, Ho-oh, and a shrine has even been erected in its honor amongst the hardened magma of the inner crater.

Sub-board: Phoenix Shrine

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No New Posts Core Cave

Extending downward into the very heart of the Peak of Rebirth is Core Cave, an ancient network of magma caves that were formed long ago. Since then the magma has hardened, but the heat radiating from the flowing fires still remains as obvious as it once did. The sheer heat caused by the caves makes it a sanctuary for fire types, however, for ordinary humans it is difficult to pass through the extreme heat without the aide of strong water Pokemon to cool the air.

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found in Core Cave ;;
by Administrator
Jun 1, 2008 14:25:04 GMT -5
No New Posts Leerah City

Located just outside the exit of Core Cave, Leerah City is a bustling town that is dedicated to forging jewelry and other arts with the large amounts of igneous rock that can be found in the area. Due to the popularity the city is known to receive a young man by the name of Lawrence (though more commonly known as Axel) was chosen to build a gym in the city. He has a fiery passion for the element of fire, and his constant puns and jokes normally provide the perfect distraction for his would-be challengers.

Leader: Lawrence (Axel)
Specialty: Fire
Badge: Lavaflame Badge

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No New Posts Route Twelve - Lava Flows

Unlike most of the surrounding area, lava flows are still quite common to see on this route. They bubble up from far beneath the earth, providing dangerous hazards for those who do not step carefully enough to avoid the burning rivers. Fortunately, the Lava Flows are the last of the dangerous fires, and instead the climate will soon turn to a drier heat.

1 1 ;; Pokemon Found on Route Twelve ;;
by Administrator
Jun 10, 2008 23:12:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Onyx Village

As the heat radiating from the ground beneath, the heat caused by the sun increases. Onyx Village is located on the outskirts of the Dekir Desert, the last location for travelers to stop and gather supplies before the expansive route that leads further into the shifting sands. Until the next city, Onyx is the only source of water.

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No New Posts Route Thirteen - Arid Pass

A world of shifting sands and harsh sunlight makes up the Dekir Desert as it is entered through the Arid Pass. Though many have tried, the sudden sandstorms of the region have made paved roads and paths useless for they easily get covered by the sand that spills into the pass. Fortunately, large rocks provide enough shade to make the heat bearable if one rests every now and again.

Sub-board: Canyon of the Ancients

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No New Posts Heiro City

A city that has since kept the ancient ways of the desert, most of the buildings here are made from sandstone bricks or carved into the very rock that makes of the large cliff the city is nestled under. No technology resides in the city, and all healing centers and marts are managed by the old ways, using and selling herbs rather than machinery. However, it seems that they have still allowed the tradition of Pokemon training, for a gym in fact resides here. However, it is probably more accurately described as a palace where the young woman Cleopatra resides.

Leader: Cleopatra
Specialty: Rock/Ground
Badge: Cliffside Badge

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No New Posts Route Fourteen - Sandstorm Valley

To the outskirts of Heiro City resides a valley that seems to be consumed eternally by a never ending sandstorm. Rock formations and debris that could be visible one moment can be gone in the span of a few hours, making rest while one wanders through this whirling expanse almost impossible.

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No New Posts Callen Village

The soft waves splashing in the inlet bordering Callen Village is a sure sign that the Dekir Desert has finally come to an end. The temperatures surrounding the simple, one-story houses have rather drastically dropped compared to the temperatures found in the actual desert, and the chilly waters further out to see take up more than their fair share of the blame for such a climate change.

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No New Posts Route Fifteen - Glacier Pass

Surprisingly frigid waters lay off the coast of the Dekir desert, and large icebergs loom threateningly up into the grey skies. On the rare occasions that sunlight manages to pierce the snowclouds above, the large towers of ice sparkle brilliantly with an aurora of color. From here on out until you pass through these wintery lands, it's suggested you bundle up!

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No New Posts Glacion Village

Located along the coast of Glacin Isle, Glacion Village is a small fishing town that primarily harvests the fish found deep below the ice. Though electricity is available here, most homes instead use wood fires for heat. Really, the only building that seems to use the energy is the local Pokemon Center.

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No New Posts Crystal Cavern

The large network of ice caves rightly named Crystal Cavern stands between Glacion Village and the next town of Snowfall Valley. Carved out long ago during the last ice age of the Lanorae region, ancient preserved Pokemon can sometimes be found deep inside the ice walls. The chilly interior of the caves are hard to warm, even by the flames of fire types, so you'd better be prepared to face a hard trek.

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No New Posts Snowfall Valley

A small yet homely town that's forever covered in a thick blanket of snow. Many that live here have learned to distract themselves from the chilly temperatures by growing to accept numerous winter traditions, such as sledding races and snowman building contests, along with rituals that originate much further back in history.

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No New Posts Route Sixteen - Abyssal Trench

The sea drops downward at an almost horizontal incline right off the isle, leaving a long plunge for one to take if they don't realize how deep the water is. A chasm was ripped open in the sea floor long ago, creating the Abyssal Trench, which has since been a popular study for researchers world wide. Though its a fairly straightforward crossing along the surface, the real mysteries linger far beneath the waves.

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No New Posts Balineir Village

A relatively small town that seems to be dedicated to dragon Pokemon, like much of the island already is. The locals here are well-versed in dragon lore, especially concerning the legendary dragons of the Lanorae region. Most are willing to open up and share their secrets, however, some of the darker legends remain hushed most of the time.

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No New Posts Route Seventeen - Drake Path

A rather rocky crag that's hard to navigate makes up the expanse of Drake Path. As the name suggests, the route is home to numerous dragon Pokemon, however, some people have been known to traverse the entire route without finding a single one to add to their teams. Cautious creatures by nature, even here the dragons keep their locations secret until they find the individual they deem worthy.

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No New Posts Drahelm City

Unlike most other Lanorae cities, Drahelm City has designed a large wall that wraps around the entire town. The only entrance is by one of two gateways, one that branches off Drake Path, and the other that continues on to the next route after the city. However, there is the option of sneaking in through the underground waterways, though if you were to do that you'd better be on the lookout for guards throughout the interior of the city. After all, you haven't gained clearance now have you? The bearer of the eighth badge, Cordin, also resides here.

Leader: Cordin
Specialty: Dragon
Badge: Dragonscale Badge

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No New Posts Heaven's Hand

A rather curious location located on the outskirts of Drahelm City, Heaven's Hand is an enormous mountain that stretches high into the clouds above. Though it is not necessary for one to climb to the peak to pass, numerous mysteries surround the mountain's origin, some of which could perhaps be solved if one were to reach the peak.

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No New Posts Kirona City

The final city and resting stop before the final challenge against the most renowned trainers in the region. Kirona City plays host to numerous experienced trainers from throughout the region, some of which still anxious to tune up their teams before the trek through Darshira Tunnel, and some that will happily provide advice for those wishing to push onward. Even though the city doesn't have much as far as 'attractions' go, you may do well to hang around for a while and gather knowledge you may need for your upcoming battles.

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No New Posts Darshira Tunnel

The final challenge before you can prove yourself against the masters; Darshira Tunnel consists of an expansive maze of trials, such as waterfalls and mazes, that are meant to challenge your Pokemon as well as yourself. The Pokemon found roaming wild in these caverns are extremely strong and aggressive, attacking most they see. If you're hoping to pass through the caves unchallenged, think again.

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No New Posts The Elite Palace

One barely has time to heal their exhausted Pokemon and stock up on supplies before the Elite Four cry for your challenge. The battles through the Elite Four will be a harsh undertaking, as you need to battle through all four of them plus the current champion without rest in order to take your place among the ranks. Few manage to make it this far, and even fewer manage to pass the final test...

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Trainer Square

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Sadly, not all trainers are happy with the Pokémon they have captured and thus leave them abandoned in the wild. Lanorae's main adoption centre finds and takes in these abandoned Pokémon, nursing them back to health and then putting them up for adoption in hopes of finding a loving trainer. Trainers are also permitted to abandon their Pokémon here in return for a small payment as a thanks for leaving the Pokémon with them rather than in the wild, however, you don't really want to do that, do you?

by Administrator
Feb 12, 2010 2:27:58 GMT -5
No New Posts Daycare and Breeding Centre

Who doesn't love to experience the innocence of baby Pokemon playing under watchful eyes, or the easy training that can come from leaving your precious Pokemon under the guidance of the right people? Both of these opportunities are available here in the joint breeding centre and daycare, however, please note that, though they are in the same building, breeding and training are separate activities.

Sub-boards: Daycare, Breeding Centre

2 7 Example: Shaira x Senka
by Administrator
Jan 26, 2010 17:21:25 GMT -5
No New Posts poképark

    Sometimes, Pokémon get a yearning to return to the trials of the wild, no matter how much they care for their trainer. The Poképark was built as a substitute to that, so that Pokémon could quench this urge without having to be released. They can battle, explore, and do countless other things here, all for free!

Sub-boards: The Battle Pit, the wishing stone, the seviper's hoard

7 12 III. Special Event:Dusan Tries his Luck
by ♥.:.RizuChan.:.♥
Aug 4, 2010 15:14:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Pokémon Stadium

Nothing wakes you up like participating in a good battle, which is what the Pokémon stadium focuses on bringing to trainers. You can either face another member here, or fight one of the many NPC trainers that can be found roaming through the stands, it's your choice. The advantage? Well, what's better than helping your Pokémon to grow and possibly gain other prizes along the way?

Sub-board: The Battle Field

5 37 Battle Requests
by McBeaver
Aug 8, 2010 12:38:53 GMT -5
No New Posts Marketplace

A large street set completely aside from Trainer Square is what makes up the marketplace. Stores of every kind can be found here, including a small building that seems to be dedicated purely to trading. Trainers can come here from all over to sell items they have gathered throughout their travels if they wish as well.

Sub-boards: Auction House, Trading Emporium

by Administrator
Feb 12, 2010 9:06:08 GMT -5


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A rapidly growing organization of criminals, the Omega Syndicate is focused only on their own personal gain. They are well known for petty crimes such as robbery, however, there are some rumors telling of greater criminal activity, such as hijacking and sabotage. Whether or not the man acting as the leader of the organization is the true leader is unknown. It's fully possible that he may just be a scapegoat to protect the true minds behind the Syndicate, or perhaps the illusion that there are greater powers at work is the real facade. Just remember, the Syndicate keeps tabs on everyone, not just their own members. Don't act surprised if they know more about you than you may realize.


5 21 Join, newly arisen
by DaeSiggil
Jun 29, 2010 11:13:13 GMT -5
No New Posts Ranger Headquarters

Unlike the Omega Syndicate, the ranger organization has no real need to keep their location secret. Therefore, it's not uncommon to see non-rangers present in the HQ as it's a common destination for those who seek aide or protection. Many who visit this location are generally in awe because of the sheer size of the building, which is to be expected. After all, not only do rangers cater to many members, but also their partner Pokemon, and some happen to be very large indeed. If you're seeking to aide in protecting the region and its inhabitants, perhaps joining this noble organization is the path for you.

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No New Posts Out of Character Archives

All finished threads that have to do with subjects that do not have anything to do with roleplay in the Lanorae region will be moved here. If you wish to revive a thread please send a PM to a staff member and we will move it back.

102 926 Oh heck no. D<
Apr 12, 2010 19:58:44 GMT -5
No New Posts In Character Archives

All finished or inactive threads that have been posted in the Lanorae region in order to roleplay will be moved here for future reference. If you wish to revive a thread please contact a staff member.

Sub-board: Character Archives

156 589 BLANCHE, Rosa María
by ♥.:.RizuChan.:.♥
May 18, 2010 13:23:57 GMT -5
No New Posts Promotion Archives

All past promotions are moved here after their time has ended. Keep in mind that all of these promotions are finished and the items and Pokemon can't be rewarded. This merely serves as a reference to what has been given away in the past.

5 103 -- october giveaway
by DaeSiggil
Oct 31, 2009 11:35:34 GMT -5

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